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The news that they feature, are mostly in two languages. The language of the news channel is either Hindi or the local language of Bhubaneswar. Since this news channel is for the whole city, it becomes important to makes sure that the news reaches out to each and every individual.

Hindi is the language that is spoken by most of the citizens of the country, but there are many, who are not fully aware of the language. For these people, it is important to feature the news in their local language as well. Their motto is to reach out to maximum people.

They have a huge list of all kinds of news. The latest news, breaking news, headlines, local news & world news, all can be Enjoyed in just one news portal. This makes it easy for people as they don’t have to search much for it. When one can get all the news on one news channel, they prefer getting the app of that news channel or visiting their website.

It’s a one-stop solution where all the news is combined. The reporters at bhubaneswarbulletin.com understand the requirements of their viewers and try to live up to it. This makes them one of the top news channels.

Entertainment news is something that has always been of much interest. If you fall into this category, you can visit their website. They cover all the entertainment news related to the spiciest Bollywood news, reviews of Hindi movies, how the audience has received the remixes of old Hindi songs, & the lifestyle of the actors and actresses.

This makes this news site the hottest and happening site. You can not only brush up your general knowledge through it but also get all the gossips of the B-town and have a gala time with your family.

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