Anil Kumble affirms his trust in Dhoni’s performance


Anil Kumble affirms his trust in Dhoni’s performanceThe all-time cricket fever is ready to spread with the onset of IPL. All the teams have fastened their seat belts to win the battle. But the concern that remains for King XI Punjab is the performance of the former Indian Cricket Team captain Ms. Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently declared his retirement from International Cricket. From that day, people have been speculating his performance in IPL.

Breaking the ice, the team’s coach Anil Kumble quoted that he assures his trust in Ms. Dhoni that he would work with the same dedication as he has done till now. He exemplified the same using his experience as an IPL player after retirement from International Cricket.

He not only stood for Ms. Dhoni but also for his overseas players and their role in the team. Speaking about, Chris Gayle he mentioned that he would put his best foot forward as far as leading groups is concerned. His role as a mentor will also be a big hit as he has been an inspiration to many youngsters.

Answering the questions about the team combination Kumble said that he still needs to look after that as they have been practicing only on the academy ground. He added that a few practice matches would make the picture clear on the choice of the players and their performances.

Kumble, the sole Indian coach in the league, also expressed his desire to have Indian coaches in many of the teams. He said that the absence of Indian coaches doesn’t reflect the inadequacy of the coaching resources but is a bit disheartening to see no Indian coaches in the league. All the teams apart from Kings XI Punjab remain headed by the overseas coaches. The team holds its spirits high to win the league this year with the ownership of the best team.



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