Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping’s dictatorial attitude, people are on the streets, know what is the matter


Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping’s dictatorial attitude, people are on the streets, know what is the matter China, which has made the whole world enemies on the issue of Uygar Muslims, Tibet and Hong Kong, has once again taken a similar step. This time, Inner Mongolia has come on his target. China has taken a big decision to impose its language mandarin on the people here, due to which Inner Mongolia is burning. Earlier, the people of Hong Kong have been protesting because of the implementation of the National Security Act. Now due to the trouble that China has bought, the people of this Inner Mongolia have also come to the streets against the decision of the government.

People are demonstrating everywhere in Mongolia against the dictatorial attitude of Xi Jinping. The protesters are pressurizing the government to withdraw the decision. It has been feared in the news that China can go anywhere to suppress the voice of the protesters. Let me tell you that Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of China. It has been ordered by the Communist government of China that school children in Inner Mongolia will be taught the main subjects in Mandarin rather than the local language. Under this order, the Chinese government is adamant on implementing its new policy in the region. At the same time, the protestors are not ready to back down.

Bu Shaolin, Chairman of the Autonomous Region, said in a video conference that the new policy is an important political mission. Following this decision by the Communist government of China, the people of Inner Mongolia fear that the new policy will gradually eliminate their local Mongolian language. During a phone conversation with the NYT, 39-year-old Dagula said he was also afraid that China’s communist government was conspiring to destroy the culture and identity of Inner Mongolia by doing so. This is the reason why people are openly opposing this policy. Parents have taken to the streets against this decision. Parents are adamant that they will not send their children to school until the new policy is withdrawn.

The protesters say that as long as they are alive Mongolians will remain and only Mongolians will die. People here are also using social media fiercely to give a new voice to their protests.



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