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GST Transition and the revival from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis


GST Transition and the revival from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis  The central government is seeking to convince various states that borrowing from the markets is viable in order to meet the shortfall of goods and services tax (GST) compensation. It will create a room for the federal government to elevate funds in the event of escalating antagonism with China, thus providing a method to aid the pandemic hit the economy.

In lieu of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act, it is observed that the borrowing level of the states is below the mandated level due to which the states are well prepared to raise funds from the markets. With the knowledge about the matter, the officials also reported that the states have almost Rs 2 lakh crore parked in their treasury bills. The top government officials said that the centre is trying their level best to boost the economy and that the states should also contribute to the well-being.

It is guaranteed the centre will honour their commitments of compensating states fully for the loss they will face on account of goods and services tax (GST) transition and the loss of revenue the states have incurred due to the COVID 19 pandemic slump. The centre will fulfill all these commitments in spirit and letter. The states will be given the remaining amount by the centre, even after borrowing Rs 97000 crore. The remaining amount will be paid to them only after the full repayment of the borrowings. However, the credit to the private sector will be denied if the entire shortfall of the states is borrowed.

The debt window would be packaged in a way to ensure the states are independent altogether. The loan will be provided at the same rate, thus removing the angst among some states that feel they are getting a lower rate than others.


Anil Kumble affirms his trust in Dhoni’s performance


Anil Kumble affirms his trust in Dhoni’s performanceThe all-time cricket fever is ready to spread with the onset of IPL. All the teams have fastened their seat belts to win the battle. But the concern that remains for King XI Punjab is the performance of the former Indian Cricket Team captain Ms. Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently declared his retirement from International Cricket. From that day, people have been speculating his performance in IPL.

Breaking the ice, the team’s coach Anil Kumble quoted that he assures his trust in Ms. Dhoni that he would work with the same dedication as he has done till now. He exemplified the same using his experience as an IPL player after retirement from International Cricket.

He not only stood for Ms. Dhoni but also for his overseas players and their role in the team. Speaking about, Chris Gayle he mentioned that he would put his best foot forward as far as leading groups is concerned. His role as a mentor will also be a big hit as he has been an inspiration to many youngsters.

Answering the questions about the team combination Kumble said that he still needs to look after that as they have been practicing only on the academy ground. He added that a few practice matches would make the picture clear on the choice of the players and their performances.

Kumble, the sole Indian coach in the league, also expressed his desire to have Indian coaches in many of the teams. He said that the absence of Indian coaches doesn’t reflect the inadequacy of the coaching resources but is a bit disheartening to see no Indian coaches in the league. All the teams apart from Kings XI Punjab remain headed by the overseas coaches. The team holds its spirits high to win the league this year with the ownership of the best team.

Now, the daughter’s future will be safe with SSY Scheme


Now, the daughter’s future will be safe with SSY Scheme SukanyaSamriddhiyojana can be the option if you want to receive better returns along with securing the future of your daughter. In this central government scheme, beneficiaries can get more than three times the money back. Not only this, but you also get tax exemptions by investing in this scheme.

In this scheme, you need to open an account with an amount of Rs. 250 at least. Under this scheme, you can deposit a maximum amount of 1.5 lakh rupees annually and after 21 years you get a return of up to about 68 lakh rupees.

Under SSY Scheme, any person can open an account in the name of his daughters, and to open more than this an affidavit is needed. Under this scheme, an account can be opened in the name of the daughter up to 10 years old.

Where SSY account will be opened?

Under the SSY scheme, applicants can open an account in any bank or post office with the name of your daughter. In this scheme, only one account can be opened in the name of one daughter, not two.

What documents will be required to open the account?

To open an account in the SSY scheme, the applicant will also have to submit his daughter’s birth certificate in the post office or bank along with the form. Apart from this, the identity card of the child and parents and the certificate of where they are living will have to be submitted.

When does the SSY scheme become mature?

Money deposited SSY gets matured when your daughter is 21 years old. However, if your daughter gets married after the age of 18 then you can withdraw the money at that time. But, you can withdraw up to 50% of the money for the studies of daughter after the age of 18.

Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping’s dictatorial attitude, people are on the streets, know what is the matter


Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping’s dictatorial attitude, people are on the streets, know what is the matter China, which has made the whole world enemies on the issue of Uygar Muslims, Tibet and Hong Kong, has once again taken a similar step. This time, Inner Mongolia has come on his target. China has taken a big decision to impose its language mandarin on the people here, due to which Inner Mongolia is burning. Earlier, the people of Hong Kong have been protesting because of the implementation of the National Security Act. Now due to the trouble that China has bought, the people of this Inner Mongolia have also come to the streets against the decision of the government.

People are demonstrating everywhere in Mongolia against the dictatorial attitude of Xi Jinping. The protesters are pressurizing the government to withdraw the decision. It has been feared in the news that China can go anywhere to suppress the voice of the protesters. Let me tell you that Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of China. It has been ordered by the Communist government of China that school children in Inner Mongolia will be taught the main subjects in Mandarin rather than the local language. Under this order, the Chinese government is adamant on implementing its new policy in the region. At the same time, the protestors are not ready to back down.

Bu Shaolin, Chairman of the Autonomous Region, said in a video conference that the new policy is an important political mission. Following this decision by the Communist government of China, the people of Inner Mongolia fear that the new policy will gradually eliminate their local Mongolian language. During a phone conversation with the NYT, 39-year-old Dagula said he was also afraid that China’s communist government was conspiring to destroy the culture and identity of Inner Mongolia by doing so. This is the reason why people are openly opposing this policy. Parents have taken to the streets against this decision. Parents are adamant that they will not send their children to school until the new policy is withdrawn.

The protesters say that as long as they are alive Mongolians will remain and only Mongolians will die. People here are also using social media fiercely to give a new voice to their protests.


Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping’s dictatorial attitude, people are on...

Even in Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping's dictatorial attitude, people are on the streets, know what is the matter China, which has made the whole...


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